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Why DIY?

Benefits of DIY Work Comp vs. a Traditional Applicant Attorney for your Worker's Compensation Case



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Instead of waiting for your attorney to file your paperwork, or talk to the employer, we can do that for you. You can pick when and how you want to request a hearing, or even settle your case.


Better Results

The California Workers’ Compensation system is inherently a benefit giving system that operates under specific sets of rules and codes which were written with your interest in mind. So all you need to know is how to use these rules and codes to your benefit, and not wait for your attorney to decide what you should do. In fact, a secret a traditional attorney won’t tell you is that because of these rules and codes, they don’t need to do much work to get you your benefits. Instead, many attorneys simply fill out some forms, and talk briefly to the insurance carrier before you resolve your claim.

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